Sunday, September 1, 2013

An overdue trip to the supermarket....

Well I've just wrapped up two final essays over the last several weeks for two correspondence courses that I'm currently taking, and after neglecting the gym, household chores, dishes piling up in the sink, and utilizing pretty much every last ingredient in my fridge to concoct different varieties of egg&rice meals, I finally had the time to make a badly overdue trip to the supermarket.

Come follow me!

The perk of living in an exotic country..... Never a shortage of exotic fruits
I still have not mastered all of my Vietnamese herbs and vegetables........ Something tells me I'll never quite get them all...
I prefer these packaged varieties.... At least the label is right on them so I know what the vegetable is...  haha....
Wow, my basket is overflowed! No room for my olive oil (the only oil I cook with, because of its health benefits!)
Bought so many things that I have to use a shopping cart to wheel my stuff out!
This is the most I've spent on groceries! It's over 1,000,000 VND (~$50), so I get a raffle prize!
You would think I was shopping for a whole family....... but nope... it's only moi !
Those are the prizes available.... Hmm... I hope I get something useful!
Validating my receipt.... My name is on it, hehe, cuz of my membership card!
Anddddd I get a....... laundry detergent bag! Yay! Useful!
Wow... Well I've managed to place all my bags onto my bike... Now let's see if I can navigate with this bike....
Home! But I have to open the second door up to fit my bike through hehe....
You just need a bit of creativity when it comes to lugging on your bags...
Wow...... what a long receipt.....
The most I've spent on groceries thus far! 1,218,565 VND! (Roughly $60)
Oh my Goodness!!!
Like my flowers? :)

Thanks for joining me on my trip to the supermarket! And if you think that you saw a pig in my photo.... well.... you're not going delusional... you DID see a pig! Haha.... I'll tell you the pig story another time... :)

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