Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vietnamese cooking made easy!

Don't know how to cook your favorite Vietnamese dish? Or don't have time to run around the supermarket to gather all the necessary ingredients for a dish? Or just want an easy, lazy way to make good Vietnamese food? Well, worry not, because in Vietnamese supermarkets, many meals come bundled in packages of complete ingredients that you need for a dish, or are pre-marinaded themselves and just require you to put it on the stove! Here is the supermarket near my home, Co-opMart.

The ingredients to make canh chua (sour tamarind soup)
To make lẩu nấm (mushroom hotpot)
Fish pre-marinaded for your convenience!
Meat-stuffed tofu, meat-stuffed bittermelon, meat-stuffed tomatoes, processed fish, wow!
Yup, the Vietnamese famous Cá kho tộ (fish caramelized in clay-pot), complete in its own claypot that you cook directly in!
Fish sauce

Okay, let's get cooking!


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