Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye class photo: ICI2 D1305F

My Intermediate adult class has finished! It was a nice cozy bunch and all of the students were very articulate in English. Among the students who stood out to me were Nhu, a sweet and intelligent young lady who was very attentive, inquisitive and studious- great ingredients which contributed to her great English language level. I also once noticed she kept a ring of flashcards with English words on them to help her remember words! What dedication! I also won't forget Hung, a very vocal, uninhibited humorous young man whose strong opinion is always overheard during group discussions and doesn't fail to draw controversy from the whole entire class; Luan, a comical witty young man who would not hesitate to refute or challenge your opinion during discussions, including challenging me as the teacher! And An, an incredibly intelligent, reserved young man who thinks very strategically and observes very keenly.

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  1. Cool nice blog entry! well written and fun to read! you look just as young as your students! hehe